Three Can Keep a Secret

by Gregory Crafts

March 19th, 2020

Presented by

Theatre Unleashed


Virtual Reading


Los Angeles, CA

Directed by

Gregory Crafts


  • Carey Matthews as Mason
  • Michael Lutheran as Sonny
  • Graydon Schlichter as Moose
  • Heather Lynn as Denise
  • Courtney Bell as Julia


Stage Manager - Gregory Crafts

Presented live on Zoom by Theatre Unleashed as part of Love and Art in the Time of COVID – A Virtual Play Reading Series

Performed publicly for the first time in almost three years, Three Can Keep a Secret enjoyed a one-evening return, this time to the digital stage during the COVID-19 pandemic. This reading featured a reunion of original and Fringe cast members, and marks the first time the newest draft of the script (“version 4”) was read. This version is significant for its completely new set of endings, three in all!

The event was viewed by all as a success (it was even mentioned in an article in Fast Company on artists using technology to ply their trades), and the feedback provided by the actors and audience alike proved to be invaluable. From here, Greg plans to develop and release Version 4.1, and begin submitting the revised script to publishers and producers alike.

About Three Can Keep a Secret

It was supposed to be an easy score. Whack the mark. Stage the scene. Take the money. Retire to Cabo. That’s how it was supposed to go down. But for poor Moose and Sonny, a really bad night is only just beginning…

Three Can Keep A Secret, a new play by Gregory Crafts (Friends Like TheseSuper Sidekick: The Musical) is a darkly funny and slightly twisted interactive crime thriller where YOU, the audience, choose how our story proceeds while our anti-heroes attempt to literally get away with murder. With multiple decision points throughout the story, no two performances will be the same!

About Theatre Unleashed

Theatre Unleashed is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation whose mission is to embody original stories, shed light upon lesser-known works by known playwrights, and put new twists on old favorites; all for discerning Los Angeles audiences.

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