by Gregory Crafts

"Hilarious, clever, and incredibly engaging every minute! A unique interactive theatrical experience."
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“…funny, innovative and a little bit strange and all in a very, very good way.”

Samantha Simmons Ronceros


The Show

Three Can Keep a Secret, by Gregory Crafts

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Format: Full Length
Genre: Interactive, Dark Comedy, Thriller/Noir
Run Time: 60 minutes
Cast: 3 Male, 2 Female

It was supposed to be an easy score. Whack the mark. Stage the scene. Take the money. Retire to Cabo. That’s how it was supposed to go down. But for poor Moose and Sonny, a really bad night is only just beginning…

Three Can Keep A Secret, a new play by Gregory Crafts (Friends Like TheseSuper Sidekick: The Musical) is a darkly funny and slightly twisted interactive crime thriller where YOU, the audience, choose how our story proceeds while our anti-heroes attempt to literally get away with murder. With multiple decision points throughout the story, no two performances will be the same!

“Brace yourself for a truly unique theatre experience.”

Shane Howard

Playwright, In Pursuit of Peace

Dramatis Personae

Sorcerer Slurm - The Villain. More inept than truly scary - musicals for kids, children's theatre, TYA, shows for kids, kids shows


The Muscle

Inky: Sidekick to Blackjack the Bold. Youthful. - musicals for kids, children's theatre, TYA, shows for kids, kids shows


The Face

Blackjack - A Famous and somehwat self-absorbed superhero - musicals for kids, children's theatre, TYA, shows for kids, kids shows


The Mark

Princess Penelope - a princess about Inky's age, with a fiery independent streak - musicals for kids, children's theatre, TYA, shows for kids, kids shows


The Wife


The Friend

Boondock Saints meets Napoleon Dynamite.”

Adam Kerbel

Producer, Ascent

About the Playwright

Gregory Crafts

Gregory Crafts


Gregory Crafts is a multi-hyphenate creative artist residing in the Arts District of North Hollywood, California with his beloved wife, Jenn, and their cats. Besides writing, his interests include acting, directing, going to the theatre, reading, playing video games, designing websites, participating in 5k mud runs, reading comic books and practicing martial arts. Greg is a founding member of Theatre Unleashed and is proud to serve as its Managing Director. He is also a card-carrying member of SAG-AFTRA, Actors’ Equity, the Dramatists Guild, a founding member of the Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles, a member of the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights, and an Ovation Voter. Greg likes to spend what little free time he has playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends or watching the UFC. A proud graduate of Emerson College, Greg also nurses an unhealthy obsession with the Boston Red Sox.

“…Crafts is experimenting in some interesting waters and I am intrigued to see how this form develops.”

Chris Bramante

Host, The Gauntlet on HyperRPG

Production History

Play/Time: Serial Edition at Theatre Unleashed

Three Can Keep a Secret was originally developed at Theatre Unleashed in 2016 as part of a weekly episodic theatrical event called Play/Time: Serial Edition. Each week, four writers would present the next ten-minute chapter in their ongoing stories. Three Can Keep a Secret stood apart from the rest because it was the only show that asked the audience to vote on a choice that determined how the next scene went. 

After the conclusion of the four-episode arc, Greg went back and filled in the rest of the options on the decision tree in preparation for the show’s next stage of development. 

Hollywood Fringe Festival at studio/stage

Three Can Keep a Secret was workshopped by Theatre Unleashed at studio/stage as a part of the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival. The show earned an ENCORE! Producers’ Award and was nominated for the Fringe Award for Ensemble Theatre and the Inkwell Playwright’s Promise Award

The production enjoyed a one-night encore in July that year. This performance was unique because, as it was being recorded for archival and promotional purposes, it is the only time all of the different branching scenes have been performed live. 

The script has since undergone another round of re-writes, and and is now considered to be in its final form. 

“…a fun, deadly neo-noir romp filled with people you’d avoid on the street but love to watch on stage.”

Lisa K. Wyatt

Producer, Uncorked

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