Play/Time: Serial Edition at Theatre Unleashed

Graydon Schlichter, Seth Thygesen, and Michael Lutheran in Three Can Keep a Secret

Three Can Keep a Secret was originally developed at Theatre Unleashed in 2016 as part of a weekly episodic theatrical event called Play/Time: Serial Edition. Each week, four writers would present the next ten-minute chapter in their ongoing stories. Three Can Keep a Secret stood apart from the rest because it was the only show that asked the audience to vote on a choice that determined how the next scene went.

After the conclusion of the four-episode arc, Greg went back and filled in the rest of the options on the decision tree in preparation for the show’s next stage of development.

May 2016
The Belfry Stage in North Hollywood, CA 
Produced by Theatre Unleashed as a part of Play/Time: Serial Edition

production team
Directors – Jacob Smith (Ep. 1), Kurt Koehler (Ep. 2-4)
Fight Choreography – Jacob Smith (Ep. 1), Gregory Crafts (Ep. 4)
Stage Manager – Cameron Stark
Lighting Design – Gregory Crafts
Sound Design – Cameron Stark
Press Agent – Jim Martyka
Graphic Design – Jenn Scuderi
Production Photographer – Gregory Crafts
Production Videographer – Bobby McGlynn

Seth Thygsen as Mason
Michael Lutheran as Sonny
Graydon Schlichter as Moose
Liesl Jackson as Denise
Courtney Bell as Julia