Fringe Encore 2017

Carey Matthews in the Hollywood Fringe Encore production of Three Can Keep a Secret by Gregory Crafts at studio/stage, produced by Theatre Unleashed

The production enjoyed a one-night encore in July that year. This performance was unique because, as it was being recorded for archival and promotional purposes, it is the only time all of the different branching scenes have been performed live. 

“Wonderfully written by Gregory Crafts and skillfully directed by Jacob Smith, Three can Keep a Secret delivered like only a Theatre Unleashed production can. See this show.” – Bob Leggett, Indie Voice

“It’s hilarious and fun… classic ‘Fringe’ fare… funny, innovative and a little bit strange and all in a very, very good way.” – Samantha Simmons Ronceros,


“Action packed, engaging, charming and delightful!”

“…one of the most fun Fringe shows this year, and one of the best experiments in interactive theatre I’ve seen.”

“Highly recommend!”

“Short, sweet, to the point and very, very funny!”

“This is a CANT MISS at Fringe this year!!”

“The cast were stunning, skilled, intelligent and witty.”

“Very entertaining, wonderfully produced, and lots of laughs in this high stakes choose your own adventure!”

“A well-written and clever script by Gregory Crafts, performed by a tight and talented ensemble directed by Jacob Smith, twists and turns through a very fast moving scenario.”

“What an utter delight.”

“I needed a night of joyful fun. This delivered.”

“Fiercely fun!!!”

“Three Can Keep a Secret will not disappoint.

“Hilarious, clever, and incredible engaging every minute! A unique interactive theatrical experience.”

“It was like Boondock Saints meets Napoleon Dynamite.”

“It’s a show you’ll want to see more then once to see how the other scenarios play out!”

“Definitely a must see at fringe, the writing, directing, acting , and of course the concept was excellently conceived.”

“This is a show with an excellent ensemble cast.

“Given the strength of the writing and the performances, it’s well worth seeing this show twice, with the hope of seeing all of the variations on the scenes.”

“Not for the faint of heart.”

“Sly and skillful performances give energetic life to this piece where no single show is the same.”

“…a brilliantly written script.”

“…one of the best Fringe shows I have seen.”

“…a breath of fresh air, from the usual formats.”

“…guaranteed to create an exciting audience experience.”

“…you need see it again and again.”

“GO SEE IT!!!”

“Gregory Crafts (writer) proves yet again that he is a force to be reckoned with.”

“Brilliantly cast, acted and directed. SO MUCH FUN!!!

“Such an original piece with a great story line. Engaging from start to finish!”

“Well written and well played!”

“Super fun and unique!”

“The perfect Fringe delicacy.”

GO! GO! GO! One of the best of Fringe this year!”

“A fun, deadly neo-noir romp!”

“…a delightful blend of suspense and comedy…”

“Strong performances. Clever writing.”

July 2017
studio/stage in Hollywood, CA
Produced by Theatre Unleashed as part of the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival Encore Series

production team
Director – Jacob Smith
Fight Choreography – Gregory Crafts
Stage Manager – Erin Moore
Lighting Design – Gregory Crafts
Sound Design – Graydon Schlichter
Press Agent – Jim Martyka
Graphic Design – Jenn Scuderi Crafts
Production Photographer – Theresa Stroll
Production Videographer – Bobby McGlynn

Carey Matthews as Mason
Jim Martyka as Sonny
Graydon Schlichter as Moose
Mandy Muenzer as Denise
Heather Lynn as Julia